What we Do

Anita Lead keeps things simple, and we get results! Our solution is "SMART" marketing

(S)ales (M)ade (A)t the (R)ight (T)ime

Our Solutions are designed to ensure Sales Professionals are meeting with the RIGHT PEOPLE, at the RIGHT TIME, armed with the RIGHT INFORMATION to close more opportunities. 

Here is an overview of our services and the benefits our tele-prospecting solutions offer.


*Customized B2B Tele-Prospecting Campaigns

*Net New Prospecting & Opportunity Alignment

*Design & Maintain Workable Pipelines

*Current Customer Campaigns

*Vertical Market Campaigns

*Territory BLITZ's 

*Qualified appointment setting and more

SALES IS A PROCESS...we do the hard work for you! 


*Complete account discoveries

*Identify current products/solution in place  

*Discover needs, priorities and objectives  

*Understand purchase processes and procedures 

*Assess buying-readiness and define purchase timelines 

*Identify Decision Makers 

*Secure appointments with QUALIFIED prospects 

*Cultivate relationships for future opportunities 

*Work with sales team to transition leads to sales cycle  

*Document detailed account intelligence  

*Provide weekly analytics and reports   


*Increased marketplace awareness

*Create & Reinforce working sales pipelines  

*Maintain an on-going stream of opportunities

*Consistency in revenue production

*Increased sales revenue

*All while ELIMINATING the competition    

Unlike traditional telemarketing companies that take an "appointment" only approach, at Anita Lead, we focus on complex, business-to-business conversations. We engage prospects with meaningful conversations to determine their needs, understand their purchase processes and procedures as well as identify opportunity timelines. 

We look forward to the opportunity to work with you! Contact us today to set up your customized Tele-prospecting campaign!


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