Anita McClintock - Owner


"I believe sales is a process, not a talent. I do believe some level of talent is needed, however even the most talented sales professionals can't achieve or maintain success without adhering to the overall sales process." 

Anita's background centers around the Office Equipment & Document Management Industry. She has achieved success in multiple roles throughout her 20+ years as a sales professional. As a result, she truly understands what is needed to succeed in today's B2B sales world. She wants her customers to know that she understands what they face on a daily basis and how hard it is to maintain all of the key elements needed for success. " I pride myself in having a true understanding of what its takes to be a successful sales professional. The hardest thing I faced was finding the time to perform all the tasks needed to ensure complete success. It was a struggle to take care of current customer needs, meet with new prospects, find new prospects and consistently meet my sales quota ." 

Monthly, quarterly and annual sales revenue targets are set and you must achieve them. Business Owners hire sales professionals to grow sales revenue by CLOSING deals. Where do you start? You have to have a process. " I contribute a large part of my success to having discipline and adhering to the entire process, never taking the shortcut by skipping steps. As a result, I maintained happy customers, a workable pipeline and consistent revenue production." 

"I am thrilled to offer a solution that will truly bring a benefit to my clients. The most difficult and time consuming element of the sales process is PIPELINE DEVELOPMENT. This is a crucial part of the process that can't be avoided. ANITA LEAD specializes in this area of the sales process, assisting our clients with the cultivation of qualified customer leads. The extensive knowledge and experience I have gained has given me the unique capability to achieve unparalleled results in your business development campaign."

The Tele-prospecting services that we offer differ from the normal telemarketing company by engaging in meaningful conversations with targeted accounts, rather than high-volume, scripted phone calls. We work hard by interviewing potential prospects to ensure we understand their needs and completely promote ALL products and services provided by our clients. We will deliver the message to your prospects with passion, knowledge and enthusiasm. We are excited to launch a customized campaign to develop your marketing strategy and build your sales opportunity pipeline.